The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May Promotions

This month's promotions are pretty....well...awesome! 
Let's learn a little about some of the free stuff avaliable this month. 

Melrose Oil is a blend of essential oils that has powerful cleansing properties. Melrose is typically used for soothing skin but it is also great of combating odors and deterring those summer time buggers. So support healthy skin and keep away the bugs (without toxic deet) - seems like a win-win to us! 

Manuka oil can be added to your favorite skin care products to support healthy looking skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. I don't know about others out there but we make our own skin care products. I have a wonderful oil blend I make up that I learned years ago called "Drops of Gold". I use only Young Living oils of course. The lady I learned it from is over 60 years old now and people still think she is in her 40's! Manuka oil has some amazing chemical properties (remember my prior post about how important it is to have your oil distilled properly so you get all those chemical properties and aren't paying for low grade essential oils!? If not - read about that here ). 
Some of those properties include Limonene. Limonene has been reported to have anti-cancerous effects, and increases the enzymes of the liver concerned with detoxification. D-limonene has been used clinically to dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones. There are over 50 other chemical properties in properly distilled Manuka - check some of them out yourself! 
Linalool, Terpinen-4-ol, and Leptospermone just to name a few. 

Cedarwood essential oil is high in sesquiterpenes which helps deliver oxygen to the brain. Many of the oils are useful for delivering oxygen to the brain and other body parts. This is important for cellular health and brain wellness. Disesase cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.  Cedarwood is thought to stimulate melatonin so it's wonderful to diffuse at night for those restless sleepers (like me!). Cedarwood is mentioned in the Bible for it’s purifying and cleansing properties. Leviticus 14:49 says “And he shall take to cleanse the house two birds, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop.  
  It has been noted many times for its medicinal uses. We use Cedarwood in our hair care products since it is great for stimulating hair growth. Hubby really likes the woodsy smell too :) 

All this and a DIFFUSER! It doesn't get much better than that

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