The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jack Delbert Boytim - September 8th, 2007

Baby Jack has arrived! Born on September 8th, 2007 at 10:22pm. Weighing 7lb's 10oz's and 19 inches in length. This will be a fairly short birth story. Right after dinner on Saturday night I had a few contractions. Seeing how I have been having contractions for a week now (some of them really regular and getting close together) I just kind of glanced at the clock and figured them to be about 7 minutes apart. They started getting stronger so I sat down and timed a few of them - around 8pm they were 4 minutes apart and lasted about 40 seconds. I told Will that I would time them for an hour and see if they stayed the same. If they did, we would call Paula and ask her what she wanted to do. At about 8:15 Will asked if he had time to cut his hair - I told him to hurry. In between contractions I cut the back and sides for him. We had to do this right after a contractions and it was a quick 3-4 minute cut before I had to stop again to have another contraction. At 9pm the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, but lasting a minute or more. Will called Paula and she was on her way. I am always hesitant to call and make her come all this way if it is nothing. We also called our good friends the Kuritza's to come watch the little ones. Then Will called the Harris's and Barnes to let them know- the Harris's headed this way, but I hated to ask Amy and Camille to come all this way if it was a false alarm . Ok- Paula arrived at 9:45pm and I was about 8 ct. At 10:00m Will looked at me and said "do you want to get in the pool"? I think I was worried about getting in the pool because I figured I would be in there for hours. I got in the pool at 10:08pm and Jack was born at 10:22pm - probably 5 contractions and 2 pushes in the pool and he was here! I was afraid to push because I was sure it was too soon.
So here he is- our newest blessing. Thank You Lord for a safe birth and wonderful new baby!

Jack and Bella

Katie and Jack

Jack's birthday cake. I was going to make this the night I went into labor, figuring I would have plenty of time in "early" labor to do it! Instead, Will ended up making it Sunday afternoon and we had Jack's birthday party with our wonderful friends the Barnes!

Thank you Jesus for another perfect little one. Praise God!


Card and Bella at Uncle Richard's 80th birthday party

Will took this picture of a beautiful church for me - I collect pictures of these chruchs and have them made into prints for my "decor"

Katie took this picture of Card while we were driving down the road. He was shooting cows with his spoon.....

Bella acting like Marge Simpson.....

Card's 2nd B-Day

Card's 2nd birthday party was celebrated by Daddy, Mama, Katie, Bella, Papa, Mimi, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Barbara, The Barnes (Tommy, Amy, Gabriel, Harrison, and Elizabeth), and The Karitza'a (Paul, Debbie, Josh and Holly)
He got lots of tractors, some new Thomas The Tank Engine shoes (that light up!), and a cap gun (that he sleeps with at night!). Card had a great day swimming and playing with his favorite friends! He was dissapointed though that Baby Jack did not make an appearance. He came in first thing that morning and asked me where Baby Jack was and kept singing "Happy Birthday to us" :) Such a sweet boy!

Card's "trac-trac" birthday cake

One of Card's new tractors

Bella drinking some pool water

Another new tractor

Card, Bella, and Harrison