The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Organic Food Co-op

We have not told many about this- I am not sure why...- our Organic Food Co-op starts March 22nd, 2007. We will be renting a couple of rooms at the 7 Acre Wood in Conroe and selling organic food. We will also be selling produce from ours and other local farms!! YEA!! Finally stepping off the grid.....kinda. We even worked a way for our customers to use the play areas for a little extra a month- they have a petting zoo, zip line, and lots of places to run and play. We will do our co-op every Thursday. It is going to be so busy this summer. We are so busy already I keep forgetting I am pregnant!! I can't wait to see this newest little one. God has blessed me with the most wonderful husband/father/provider. I thank God daily for his goodness and kindness towards me and my family- He knows I don't deserve it. Thank you Lord for the blessing of family and friends- I cannot ask for anything else, You have given my too much already.


Our weekly fruit and veggie run... It amazes me how much we go through each week. This might last us all week. It does not include the frozen fruit for smoothies and leafy greens that are in the fridge. I cannot wait until we have a counter full of fruit out of our own gardens......What a blessing it is to have this land and the opportunity to grow our own food, raise our own animals, and let the babies play! Thank you Lord.

Working the Farm

Just a few pics of some of our hard work
The barn, chicken/duck/dove coop, grass (YEA!!!).......

The ducks enjoying a swim

The new goat pen- we hope to get our goats (Lilly and Cocoa) soon- they are very pregnant so we will be getting two momma's and ??? babies. Goats can have 2-3 babies at a time......

My other little ducks playing in their pond

Our chickens...Well, first we got 3 "chickens"- they ended up being 2 roosters and a chicken...that poor chicken had a LONG week. We finally got 2 more chickens and we are getting 2 eggs a day!! By the end of the week we might be able to make an omelette!


Poor Card had a long day yesterday. He played outside in the water and then came in to watch "Little House on the Prairie" while Mommy walked on the treadmill. When he slowed down he started complaining about hurting, but he has been complaining of his calves hurting for days now (growing pains) so I told him I would look at him in a minute. He fell asleep and I did not think of it again. When Will got home Card woke up and limped over to him- seems he had a huge thorn in his foot! It took Will and I both to hold him down and dig it out! Poor baby

Yea- outside again

Yea- outside again. The weather has finally warmed up and stopped being rainy!! Here Katie is enjoying a mud foot bath- and free at that!

Bella is also enjoying the outdoors. Be prepared for future pictures of a diaperless baby though as we being "POTTYTRAINING 101" located in the Boytim front yard.....

And Card- just being a barefoot boy.....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bella at the party

Bella went with us to a b-day party for one of Katie's friends. It was a dress up party, so she joined right in!


I have been craving orange juice this pregnancy. I just got my electric citrus juicer today- YEA! I have been juicing 3+ glasses by hand lately. Last week we got 15# of oranges from our organic food co-op and they did not last all week! We got 23# this week- we will see how it goes......

Cards toolbox

Card and his toolbox- yes he asked to take it in the bath and to bed with him!


We got our first egg today!! Yea!!! It was a green egg and Katie found it. It came from a layer we just got yesterday- her name is Peaches and she is our prettiest chicken (even the roosters think so!)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Praire Days

Katie is taking a class called "Pioneer days" where she gets to learn all about the Pioneers, how they ate, lived, played, etc... Today will be her second day- we go every Friday. Card likes it just as much as Katie does!

All these guns and no gun belt!!

Katie in her praire dress!

Bella ate the tractor!

Bella decided this morning that Card's new tractor would taste really good- I think she got more than she bargined for! Card got this adorable tractor from his Great Aunt Kathy. He and Bella love playing with it. You can see the trailer that goes to the tractor to the left of Bella- that is what she tasted this morning!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Card's plant

Card gives me the sweetest things. Today he actually dug up an old pineapple plant and brought it to me. He worked so hard at it too! What a sweet boy!

Bella 1 year!!!

I cannot believe my baby is one year old today! We woke early (not mama's choice!) and has smoothies for breakfast. Then we played inside and Bella laid down for her morning nap. After she got up we all went outside and got good and dirty. Bella loves playing outside and will stand at the door asking to go out. After outside time we all came in and the little ones took baths. Then we ate lunch- mama had an orange, Katie had a sandwich with PB and raw honey (YUM) and then we all had a yummy raw dessert (pb with raw cacao---hard to explain, but it was GOOD). Then everyone under 3 layed down for a nap (boy I wish that was me!) Katie and I did some school and then I layed on the couch for an entire 10 minutes- then Bella woke up. We made our special dinner and banana bread for Bella (Banana and bread- Bella's two favorites!)
Daddy missed our celebration :( because he had fiddle lessons. That is ok- we will be treated with listening to him kill cats--- I mean play the fiddle really soon!

Katie and Bella with Bella's new tricycle.
They all love to ride it!

Bella enjoying her first spagetti.
Katie picked the special birthday dinner.

Bella enjoying some banana bread.

Bella and one of her baby dolls.


This was a beautiful sunset that you could see from our front window. I was laying on the couch today (for like a whole 10 minutes) listening to the frogs, birds, etc.. and just thanking God for giving us this place.