The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Monday, March 31, 2008

Things I never thought I would say......

I keep promising to post these amusing comments. I will keep adding to them and add the link as a side bar - so keep coming back for more.... Please don't pick your brothers nose. Please get the chicken out of the bathtub. Untie the dog from the wagon. No she cannot be your horse. Please don't sleep with the chicks. Please get the chicken off the trampoline. (this has been said twice now....) Do NOT roll down that hill with your sister in the front loader bucket. Where did you put your underwear? (this is after we have arrived at our destination - never did find it.....) Please get off the table, back of the couch, counter, and any other place higher than 3 feet. Get out of the dryer. (Bella) Get out of the washer. Do not give baths to any more hamsters please. (after the demise of one.) Get that chicken off my counter Please don't let Jack dance on the table Get out of the dryer (to the next youngest in line- Jack) No you may not ride on the sunroof Katieism - "I know the truth without a fact". Daddy told her she sounded like a politician! Cardism - "My head keeps going up..." (hiccups) "Are we close to our destination?" (trip to San Antonio - the GPS generation..) Bellaism - "Oh Mommy, I snuck up on it" (after coloring a color by number the wrong way..)

Oh yea - the Mama's....

Here are the mama's getting their massages.

A few BlessingWay pictures

We recently had a BlessingWay to bless two very special mommies. A BlessingWay is a Christian "baby shower" that is really a "Mommy shower". The mom to be is treated to a foot bath, manicure, pedicure, massage, her hair is decorated, and many other pampering type things. Each person attending comes up light a candle and say something special about the mom. TThen everyone lays hands on the mommy (or mommies at this one) and prays for the baby, labor and delivery and any fears that mommy may have. Below are just a few of the pictures I took. I plan on posting some more. The others are on a CD as they are silver film, so I need to transfer them here. These are taken with my digital , which did not do the shower justice, but I dont know when I will get around to putting the others up!


The garden is slowly but surely growing - yea!

Yes - it is that loud.....

Cowboys and Indians

We have so much fun around here!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Lord's Tiller

The Lord provided this free tiller for our personal use. What a blessing it has been for our family - we have a fair size garden started now! Thanks Greg and Holly (and all 6 little ones!)!

Tea Cups

Katie and I have some new tea glasses - these are really cool as they have a glass insert that holds our loose tea. We just put the insert in, put our loose tea in, pour hot water over it and it has a little lid to put on top. It steeps for about 5 minutes and all we have to do is pull the insert out. We try and enjoy tea together each night before bed.

Bella 2nd B-day

Wow - I did realize that I had not posted these yet!
Bella is helping make some birthday cookies.

Katie is helping Bella open her gifts from us. Books, necklace, and Card got her a bar of soap (you see it to the right of her) that says "Joy". What a Joy she is too!

Kids at the river

This was taken on Easter at the Trinity River - right down the road from my parents house. I know, I know, they are getting SO big!
Bella 2, Katie 9, Card 3, Jack 6 months.

Family Awarded $15 Million In Lawsuit on Immunization

My Mother-In-Law pointed me to this article

LEAD: The manufacturer of a vaccine used to immunize millions of children against diphtheria and two other diseases has been ordered to pay $15 million to the family of an 8-year-old girl who suffered permanent brain damage attributed to the serum.
The manufacturer of a vaccine used to immunize millions of children against diphtheria and two other diseases has been ordered to pay $15 million to the family of an 8-year-old girl who suffered permanent brain damage attributed to the serum.
Wyeth Laboratories, a Philadelphia company that is a division of the American Home Products Corporation, produced the vaccine used to immunize the girl, Michelle Graham of Beloit, Kan. Her family contended in a two-month Federal trial that the vaccine was defective and unsafe.
In reaching its verdict Wednesday, the seven-member jury rejected Wyeth's assertion that the child suffered a stroke before inoculation with the vaccine, which is used to prevent diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus.
Lawyers for the girl's family presented evidence that the she suffered severe damage to the right side of her brain when she had a reaction to an injection of the vaccine in 1980.
Attorneys for Wyeth declined to comment after the verdict.

Seems this is not the first time this company has been in trouble....
Plaintiffs Win Hormone Therapy Lawsuitby -->
Published November 27, 2007 12:41 PM

In the trial of the latest Nevada state court hormone therapy case, the jury found against Wyeth on all of plaintiffs' claims and returned a verdict ordering Wyeth to pay a total of $35 million in compensatory damages and $99 million in punitive damages.
The jury found that Wyeth was negligent, Premarin and Prempro were defective, Wyeth concealed material facts about these products, and Wyeth acted with malice or fraud. The punitive damages award came in the second phase of the trial. The jury had found Wyeth's conduct to be "reprehensible," which led to the second phase of the trial and the awarding of punitive damages.
The three women alleged that the use of Premarin and Prempro had contributed to the development of their breast cancer, Wyeth had failed to properly warn about and concealed the risks of the drugs and Wyeth had sold a defective product.
During the trial, Wyeth argued that each of the women had other risk factors that contributed to the development of their cancer and that it provided adequate warnings. Wyeth also contended the company clearly warned users that there was a slightly increased risk of breast cancer from taking Prempro, which was first marketed in 1995.
This is the seventh hormone therapy case to go to a jury. There are still about 5,300 similar lawsuits around the country in state and federal courts. The verdict is the largest award to date against the Madison, New Jersey-based company.
All of the pending cases involve the drugs Premarin, an estrogen replacement, and Prempro, a combination of estrogen and progestin. As you know, these drugs are prescribed to women to ease symptoms of menopause. There is no telling how many women were hurt by Wyeth's conduct in this matter. Putting corporate profits over the health and welfare of these women is bad by any standard and can't be tolerated.
Sources: Wall Street Journal; New York Times

Congrats to Dad-Dad and Mom-Mom - Boytim Grandchild #5 on the way!!!

Yep thats right - Boytim Grandbaby #5 is on the way.......Congrats Ed and Julie Boytim.
HA - you thought it was me huh......
When I told Will, he got all excited thinking we were having #5.

CONGRATULATIONS EDWARD AND JULIE - We will be praying for a easy labor, healthy baby, and a calm daddy. Love you guys!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

We Love Our Daddy

Daddy's Valentine pie-
raw cheesecake with a
raw chocolate icing.

Daddy's Valentine "Quilt"

God's Greatness.....

My Many Blessings....
A quick note from "Beverly's Brain..." - as I lay on the couch today listening to my girls read books - I kept thinking about all I needed to get done. For the most part "stuff" on the computer. I layed there and looked at the beautiful Magnolia tree blowing in the wind and thought on the Greatness of God. It crossed my mind during this time that I don't think on Him quite enough. I also don't spend enough time with the Blessings He has given me - I know you are thinking "But you are home all day! How can you not be with them enough? - let me tell ya, it is a constant battle to be a "homemaker" when there is so much to divert your time! A bit later as I nursed Jack and looked at the gorgeous Cardinal out my window (I really like this window!) I thought about all the "noise" in this world. You cannot even go to the grocery store for goodness sakes without a TV in your face! They are hanging in the aisle now!

Anyway - I thought on the fact that there is so much noise now - when do we really have a chance to think on the Greatness of God. I mean really think on Him- not just put Him on our "schedule" of things to do. I know I am guilty of scheduling "Bible Study" every morning - what is the first thing to go if we are in a hurry? What if God wants to say something to me - will I hear it if it is not that allotted time? Does all the noise just push out that little voice?

Well onto the reason I am writing (I am getting there!). That little voice told me today that my babies are growing up so fast and at times they are "Internet Orphans". I see it in their poor little faces when they come into the office and see mommy on the computer again - "Mommy are you almost done?" and "Mommy, would you please come play with us know" are heard often. So this is a quick (turning into a not so quick) post to tell you that (really this time) I will not be on this computer as much. I will send an email when I post a picture or new thing on the blog. I know, I know you will say I am "impossible" to get ahold of (some do now...) as I will not be answering email as often. This is your fair warning - if you have something time sensitive or important - CALL ME. I know, I know, I don't answer the phone much - CALL WILL. I turn the phone off sometimes during the day when we have some serious school to do or we are napping, sometimes I forget to even turn it back on - call Will, he always has his electronic leash. Please do not get grumpy with me if I do not return email ASAP - I might not have gotten it yet.

Ok - I think that is all. I posted the latest picture above and I have some beautiful baby shower pictures to post, but that will have to wait. I am busy being a helpmeet and a mommy! I want to get old and rejoice in all the time I spent investing in these little eternal beings. I don't think I will be ever so happy that I got all that email answered in a timely manner. What a time robber - I wonder if these things are meant to rob us of this precious time with our family and ultimately with our God. Radio, TV, internet..... what could we be doing instead. We have already turned down the radio and shut off the TV here, but the Internet is loud and clear - no more.

Hope to see everyone soon - will chat with ya when I can!

So you don't feel too put out - I have been boxing up pictures for about a year now - someday I will get around to scrap booking too! For now, in the box they go (date stamped)!

One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)--I Timothy 3:4, 5