The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Been Busy (Some New Orleans pictures in this post)

Sorry to leave this so neglected lately - just been too busy! Add to that the fact that my camera is STILL in the shop (the camera that it would be NO PROBLEM to get it back to me before Christmas...)
Here are a few of the pictures from our trip to New Orleans.. ok, maybe more than  a few - but I am not even done yet! Hopefully will be back in a few days - tonight, I sleep!
P.S. - yes I dress the boys in high visibility orange and red on purpose!

Ppie (Thomas' nickname!)  and Abey trying out the bed in the girls room first thing. We got a lovely suite with 2 bedrooms and a pull out sofa in the living room. It was so much room - almost like an apartment!

Resting and reading

Abigail - really resting...
I know this is going to seem a bit backwards but it is just how the pictures loaded and I am not taking the time to change them up tonight. This was the last thing we did in New Orleans but I think it was the highlight. We took a lunch cruise down the Mississippi on the NATCHEZ  and everyone had a blast!

 and our lunch we really nice - fried fish, red beans and rice, okra - all the trimmings and dessert to boot!  

Jackie Packy

Jay Bird - ignore his face please.. he was having issues this week
Daddy wanted this picture of the ALICE MORAN
Daddy and Pipie

The boys really liked this chair 

Abigail and Thomas on our way to the Aquarium

Card pointing out the ships

The kids in front of a STOLT ship 
Feeding the birds at the Aquarium

Feeding the sting rays
Card liked this because we happened to be reading a book about a Navy Submarine and they suited up in these kind of suits to dive...

Waiting on the ferry 

At the Insectaraium

watching the cooking show.
the thing that really grossed me out about this was that the guy looked so much like the guy from the movie "Fly" - I kept having flashbacks - uck!

Card was first in line to try out some bugs!

Jack after a nice big bite of BUG 

They all loved the crickets and came back for seconds

Bug parts allowed in your food!

Jay eating up a cricket

These were so pretty - I took way to many pictures to even post but here are a few