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The Boytim Bunch

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Interesting Articles..

This pastor has some interesting articles....

Who Are These Kooks

Be Resonable.....

It seems that when collectivists run out of other excuses for their anti-freedom agenda, they fall back on calling real limiting of government "unreasonable" or "impractical." For example, Mona Charen recently opined that doing away with the IRS (as Ron Paul
suggests) isn't a "serious" proposal. The underlying message is
clear: dramatic change--in fact, any change that is significant at all--is unreasonable, impractical, and so on, BECAUSE it would be a dramatic change.
What an odd concept. Suppose your morning ritual consisted of getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, having breakfast, hammering a nail into your foot, and driving to work. And suppose you had been doing that for all of your working career, until some radical, wacko extremist suggested that perhaps you would be better off if you completely removed the sticking-a-nail-in-your-foot part of your morning routine. "Well, I can't just stop it entirely!
That's impractical! It's unreasonable! Perhaps I could use smaller nails, or hammer them in not quite as deep, but do away with the act altogether? Come on, be reasonable!"
Allow me to quote myself (from my book, "How to Be a Successful
- -----------<>----------------
Familiar Chains
Another huge way in which the peasants' lack of objectivity helps you is their relativistic view of life. If they grew up in slavery, they will think that slavery is inevitable and proper.
They will assume that whatever their rulers have always done (as far back as they can remember), rulers always should do. They will choose familiar tyranny over "upsetting the apple cart" every time.

Peasants fear change. Like animals that have been caged for too long, a group of peasants that has been enslaved for decades, if you offer to "let them out" (i.e., give them freedom), will beg to be let back into the cage. Peasants crave whatever is predictable and familiar, even if it happens to be tyranny. So train them to become accustomed to tyranny, and most of them won't even want to be free.
This cannot be overstated: the outlook of "that's just how things are" is the tyrant's best friend. If the peasants are accustomed to giving you a chunk of what they earn, they will think that's how things should be, and they will literally be afraid of not being extorted. If the "government" regulates everything, they will assume that that is necessary and good. If they grew up in a society in which all parents must surrender their children over to government-controlled indoctrination centers (euphemism: "public schools"), they will assume that it is how things should be.
Put another way, the peasants decide what things should be like from the starting point of what things are already like. They might want a little bit more of one thing, or a little bit less of another, but only very rarely will a peasant come to the realization that your entire regime, and everything it does, is insane, unnecessary, and destructive to society. This is because reaching such a conclusion requires both objective analysis (which in turn requires independent thought) and intellectual confidence.
- -----------<>----------------
Republican politicians, and 99% of their supporters in the media, don't have a shred of principle among the bunch of them. You see, a principle is a position you take because it is what is RIGHT, even if it's unpopular, or dangerous, or not politically expedient, or different from what is being done today. What does it mean when principles are outranked by what is "practical" or "reasonable"? It means those principles are worthless.
A little over a century ago, doing away with slavery seemed to be a pretty darn "impractical" and "unreasonable" thing to do. And it was, but it was also the RIGHT thing to do. For that matter, having a full-scale revolution against the British Empire was pretty darn impractical and unreasonable, but in retrospect we applaud it. So when did this nation become such a bunch of wimps that we won't get rid of evil, anti-American, tyrannical abominations like the IRS, because doing so would be "impractical"? When did "give me liberty or give me death" get changed into "don't make waves; just go with the flow"? Often one's choices are to make waves, or to drown. This country is about to do one or the other, by either "making waves"
with Ron Paul, or by sinking with the latest in a long line of "reasonable," "practical" tyrants at the helm.

Larken Rose

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just Last Year??????

I cannot believe this was just last year - I did not even know I had a little Jack on the way when we took this! What sweet little ones...Thank you Lord!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I have to tell you - I am falling in love with raw foods! I am not 100% (I know some of you were worried!) but I do try to eat LOTS of raw - and I am not munching on carrots or lettuce all day! Here are some of my current favorites:

This is a veggie sandwich - everything is raw. I finally found a raw bread recipe I like!

Same sandwich with a WONDERFUL curry soup beside it - again all raw. If you don't believe how good the soup is, ask Amy Barnes - I made some for her family a few days ago and they ate it up! Literally!

Just tonight I saw this recipe and wanted to make it. I did not indulge in this for Thanksgiving because I did not want the sugar - Pecan Pie. Oh MY GOSH, this raw one is so much better than it's cooked counterpart and took me all of 5 minutes to make it! Yep - I can eat like this......

Tonight after making this I started thinking about a friend of ours, Nicole Watson, because she makes such beautiful (and really good) desserts. Wondered if she could find a market for making raw desserts and foods.... I have been looking into a place called RAWvolution that will make you a weeks worth of raw food and ship it to you. I would just bet she could top his recipes!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jack Jack

These are not the greatest quality, but the kids and I had a fun time taking pictures of our newest Blessing!

School days

Since it is SOOO very cold outside (I think it was Jeff Foxworthy that said "if 60 degrees is a bit chilly - you live in Texas"..) we have been having a great time with "school". Of course if it is nice outside.....

Katie hitting the books

Card love to do "schools" - just like his big sister

Bella plays in the living room with her school stuff and a couple toys. I just put her on a car mat (one of those little mats that has a town on it for your hot wheels...) and she gets her crayons, a couple books, and a few toys. She stays here until we are all done with school. I usually go over and read her a book - she LOVES to be read to.

Jack chills in the high chair

Cards first "school" day. He colored all these himself without any help from me - I was floored! I asked him when he started "which one is different?" and he went from there!

Christmas Set Up

Katie hooked up the lights.

Card and Bella set up the train

Mama and Daddy did the tree

and Jack laid around looking cute!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Organic Really Is Better For You....

A couple quotes:

The study found that organic fruit and vegetables contained as much as 40% more antioxidants, which scientists believe can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease, Britain’s biggest killers. They also had higher levels of beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc.

Leifert said the government was wrong about there being no difference between organic and conventional produce. “There is enough evidence now that the level of good things is higher in organics,” he said.

Read the whole article here:

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A sugar is a sugar is a sugar...right????

I have been doing much research on sugar. I have 4 (to date) reasons to research this topic.... In a few laboratory studies I have conducted (holiday meals) I have noticed that when my subjects indulged in the "treats" that abounded, they were very difficult to deal with for hours afterwards and then they fall into an almost drug induced sleep. I am thoroughly convinced that white sugar is the culprit! Here is some of my research findings to date:

A: Fruit sugar is not the same as refined sugar. Fruit actually contains the fiber and carbs that God intended to go along with the fruit sugar (also known as fructose). Amazing how God designed it to work that way!

B:Sugar is addictive (remember about the drug induced sleep I mentioned?) - I double dog dare you to abstain from sugar (this includes hidden sugar: ketchup, breads, meats, ALL fast food (reference link below), most sauces, dressings, condiments in general..... You will have a pounding headache in a couple days and be very difficult to be around. Is that not withdrawal???

C:Sugar actually feeds cancer. Yep - cancer feeds on the sugar in your body. Everyone has cancer cells in their body - it is how you treat your body that is the deciding factor. You will either feed it healthy life giving foods or death acceleration foods.....your choice.

Some NATURALLY occuring healthy alternitives to sugar - if you just must have something sweet.

Note that all sweetners (i.e. agave, honey, etc..) will cause your bloodsugar to rise (not a HUGE spike like table sugar though) as they do not have the fiber to slow down digestion. however - since agave and honey both have enzymes (if they are raw) your body can easily digest them - no blood sugar spike! Not so with white table sugar........

Also look into the herb Stevia. I have not done tons of research on this as my hubby does not really care for it, but I would venture to say it is even better for you than agave or honey since it is an herb. Though I dont know much about the processesing. I have just read that raw stevia is better for you than stevia extract (the less processing the better!).
I am still researching to date - I will let you in on any other exciting facts :)

Oh yes, just a couple other interesting links I have run across,

surprise ingredients in your fast food......

have you looked at the ingredients list for your "healthy" fast food choices????