The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Thursday, February 02, 2012

The rest of our photo shoot with Ms. Lacie

We had such a good time letting Ms. Lacie take these :)
Here are the rest of our Christmas pictures - enjoy them, I don't think Will is going to let me talk him into this again! Next year you will be seeing more of my amateur photography...

Boytim Bunch pics..

Bella in my glasses - she has her own little style

Katie and Thomas

the kids on the new trampoline

Katie with her pigs - Ron and Carol

Mama and Bella

the "group" at church

Abigail (and Mr.s Watt) with a sleeping Jay-Bird

this is what goes on when we go "up the driveway" - we are so blessed to have this stretch of road in front of our place that the kids can safely ride bikes on and such. I LOVE that my in-laws have their place across the street now!

Card and his new dog, Ian

Jack in his element - on the monkey bars

Bella and Katie all ready for church

Jay and his bears - Oliver and Nikko

Thomas and Lilly

Tesse and her new chicks

Thomas looking over the chicks

Bella reading to the little boys

A Thomas moment!


Thomas at the Brown's

Everyone waiting for their gifts

At our house waiting for gifts

The girls in the dresses Katie made for them

Our Thanksgiving

We spent our Thanksgiving with our wonderful church family. The Boones joined us also and we all had a wonderful time. We spent the day playing badminton, eating, more badminton, eating, playing taboo, eating, and joining in the congratulations to Samuel and Leah - they got engaged that night!


The newest rage - badmitfootball...

Peter does not play around with his badminton


Bird Bird in flight
the bounce

the landing 

my beautiful almost grown little girl


yes we can play in skirts and dresses!

Bella took this - I like the in focus net and out of focus Lewis

The Boone ladies chatting with Alice