The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Monday, November 30, 2009


Jaybird - early in the on the ride there!

Bella in the moonwalk. We happen to have a friend of ours owns a moonwalk business...

Katie doing her favorite thing

Damion and Kailey

Card and Leila

Liendo Plantation

We went to a Civil War reenactment this month - Liendo Plantation:
Liendo Plantation was built in 1853 by Leonard Waller Groce, the son of Jared Groce, who was one of the largest most respected land owners in Texas. Originally a Spanish land grant of 67,000 acres assigned to Justo Liendo, the plantation's namesake, Liendo was one of Texas earliest cotton plantations. It was considered the social center of Texas receiving and lavishly entertaining early Texas dignitaries and notorieties. Liendo was considered a typical Southern plantation. Sufficient in all its needs; it was a self contained community. Like most Southern plantations, , Liendo fell on hard times after the Civil War and changed owners several times thereafter. Liendo had always been recognized for its warm Southern Hospitality, but few people know that this same tradition of generosity probably saved it from destruction. Among the more notable statesmen and historical figures that have spent time at Liendo was George A. Custer. At the end of the Civil War, he was stationed at Liendo. It is said that both Mr. Custer and his wife were so impressed with the plantation and the gracious hospitality shown them during their stay, that they made sure Liendo was not harmed in any way in appreciation.

This is the original house - totally restored with period furniture.

Bella and Card at one of the cannons

Waving our Southern soldiers on

Card and David got to hold one of the guns - the man who is asking for his gun back is a Navy recruit

This Months Happenings

We took a little trip to the Houston Gem and Mineral show this month - they were nice enough to have it in Humble, so we invited Dad to join us. They all had a great time!

These were the coolest things and this one was my very favorite! It is a rock that a guy paints on. Needless to say, Katie talked his ear off for a bit and we watched him paint some. These coons were my favorite - they are so cute! They can make this into a necklace - yep, I would sure wear it too!

Card just being himself. This was the black light room, so I could not see the look on his face until after I took the picture.

Dad and Card checking some stuff out. Dad treated the kids each to a bottle of real gold and their Dad-Dad (Will's dad) gave them each some money to spend. They each bought a sculpted rock (lapidary) - Card got a deer, Katie a horse, Bella a leaf with a ladybug.

Katie looking over the collection.
BTW- these pictures were featured in our local homeschool newsletter! So ask the kids for their autographs next time you see them!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Two Tired Boys

This is what Mommy found when she got off the phone with Ms. Amy a few days was a bit of a long phone call :)

Katie's Favorite Picture of Jay

Dehydrating today...

Did a little dehydrating today - cannot wait to see how the agave, cacao, cinnamon banana's turn out!!!
Had a helper or three....
jay, being the baby - he is such a doll!

Photo Shot....

Since Katie and Card were dressed up for yearbook pictures - I decided to snap a few of my own after their "offical" photo shot....

Sarah's B-Day Continued

Bella gets in on gift time...

Mom-Mom and Jay

Itsy Bitsy Spider??

Mom, Jay and Lenka


Sarah 1st B-Day!!

Our little Niece/Cousin is 1 year old!!

Sarah bear in her rocking chair..

Sarah and Amy the Gorilla....