The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Friday, May 25, 2007

How we spend a rainy day

We move the pool onto the front porch and swim there. Mommy also sprays the porch down - which by the way, when you have no grass, the front porch just becomes muddy again when daddy gets home.....

We watch the dogs and chickens take refuge on our newly washed front porch.....

and we do some heavy reading...........

The Hat

Card found this hat in the barn when we were doing one of our weekend cleanings....

Right after this picture he brought me the hat and asked me to hold it. The inside was full of sweat...... oh, boys :)

Bella likes it too!

Happy Reunion

The babies were so happy to see Katie. They cant wait until we go pick her up tomorrow - mommy cant either. She looked like she had grown since we dropped her off!

Katie's Dance

Katie did do the dance too at the rodeo. She said that dance is her favorite class at camp. She did really well with the dance and the riding!

Katie's Rodeo

We went to see the rodeo at Frontier Camp last night. I knew Katie would be in it because she took dance, but we were surprised to see her ride in it too! Some of the beginning horsemanship class were asked to be flag girls and Katie was one of those. Her brother was VERY excited to see her ride a horse! Believe it or not, she did not see us until she actually rode by us, even though she is looking right at me in some of the pictures!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bev's First Kill

Shhhhh! While I'm feeling very appreciated these days I thought I'd sneak out here and show you what Bev has really been up to. Yup - he WAS over four feet long. Lost his mind around lunch time today - she claims she shot him 20+ times.
Gotta go - here she comes.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Katie the helper

My little girl turned 9 yesterday...halfway to the 18 mark. Boy did that fly by. Her grandpa took her fishing yesterday and she is still recovering... I think she got dehydrated and too hot on the pier - she had a great time though! My hubby has my camera right now, so sorry but you will have to wait on pictures of the fishing trip!

Here she is making pine needle syrup - this syrup is sitting in the sun right now. It will be there for about 2 months before it is ready for the cold season.....

Katie is rather fond of Rosilita also :)

Thank you Lord for 9 wonderful years. We pray that you give us many more with this awesome little girl (who is becoming not so "little" anymore!)

Card and his chickens

Card LOVES his chickens - we actually have had to stop calling them "his" chickens because he and Katie would fight over whose chickens they really were!

On the look-out for any roosters - the roosters and Card do not get along. For some reason the roosters dont care for Card chasing down their chickens.......

Here Card is holding Daisy - she and Rose have recently gone broody (they are the same breed of chicken). Cant wait for baby chicks!

Here Card has Rosilita. She will actually sit wherever Card places her until he comes back to get her. For example - if he has to come in to go potty he sits her on the porch (stick in the mud mommy put an end to bringing her with him, even though she sat so nicely in the bathtub) and she sits there until he comes and gets her.

Thank you Lord for this precious little boy - for his daddy's sake please give us more of them!

Bella Girl

Just a couple pictures of my beautiful Bella............

We will someday expect her to eat like a lady - but for now she just likes to keep mom on edge and put everything on her plate directly into her mouth.....

She loves her daddy. Here she is standing at the back door watching him work on the tractor.

Thank you Lord for our beautiful Bella girl!

Sweet thoughts

As I sit here tonight looking through pictures I come across the best looking man I have ever seen - reference below:

I am reminded again and again how much I love this man. It amazes me that most of my family thinks he is a very serious old fuddy duddy. I just have so much fun around him - I thank God every day for bringing this man into my life and blessing me with this sweet marriage. I thank Him for all the blessings He has given us. I thank Him for the blessing the womb with the babies and I pray that He continues to do so. Thank you Lord for making this time on earth so enjoyable and please help me to be content with my place in life (wherever that is at any point in time). Thank you for family and friends.

Now I started this out as a note to my hubby (he is out to sea tonight) and ended up writting a thank you note to my Lord and Savior :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sweet Babies

Card is always picking his mama flowers these days.

Katie likes to pick the peaches too.
Boy are they good!

Time in the house

We do occasionally spend time in the house - usually folding clothes.......

and sitting back in our bean bag eating dates!

Working, working, working....

Daddy and Card

Card raking. He is such a huge help around here!

The sweet slumber after a day's hard work.

Dad's Party

Birthday cake

Excessive Noise (i.e. the band)


Small B-B-Q pit
$ $$$

Being able to kiss your Grandkids