The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Saturday, April 17, 2010

7 Years with the Best Husband Ever

Yes - it has been 7 short years (and 4 babies) since that day - April 17th, 2010, when I married the best husband ever and I became the richest woman on earth :)
Thank you Lord for 7 wonderful years - and thank you Will for 7 awesome, love filled, years :)
Now for a little tour down memory lane

Our wedding cake - I just got a LITTLE on him... which he promptly tried to wipe on my dress!

Us in Grenada
It was truly beautiful - this was the view from our porch
and yes, that is a cow walking down the beach. The funnier thing to me was the fact that the guy never even looked twice!
Did I mention he was also the best daddy - showing the kids all about the big guns at Liendo Plantation
In the Heights with Jack - one of our rare trips back to the hood.
On the Texas State Railroad with Jay-Bird.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Feelin Femine Challange

Shannon R forwarded me this really cute (and inspiring) site and Katie and Bella took the challange today. I am printing out the blog post from Femine Farmgirl for Katie to read - she is really enjoying it.
We wear skirts most of the time and they enjoyed wearing the matching ones today!

Katie and Bella:
Skirts - bought from Ringger clothing (not super sewers yet - but we sure hope one day!)
Shirts - thrift stores - I am sure their Mom-Mom got them in one of her thrift store trips!

Katie and Bella in the bluebonnets

and all the kiddoes in the bluebonnets :)

Jay's first bluebonnet experience - oh yes, his outfit is from the thrift store too :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bi-Racial Twins

Katie took this picture at our midwife's office. I asked Paula if they adopted and then found out they were pregnate and she said no - they are twins. Apparently the father's mother is white and the white gene came through on one of the twins! They are so cute!
Paula also told me they just had their second set of bi-racial twins. Wow - two sets of twins!

Nature Walk

On the first nice day out (yes in March - sorry, I am behind on my blogging!) - we gathered together, Katie fixed a picnic, and we went OUTSIDE!!! We had a wonderful lunch by the lake, and then did some nature study - we are going to take advantage of living in the country for sure! This is the lake across the street from us and the kids LOVE to go visit every time they can drag Mommy past the front gate :)

The kids working on their leaf rubbings - I was amazed at how much I actually knew about pine trees! We also watched our favorite woodpeckers out and about - I am so glad they are here again this year!

Jay helped us find leaves too.