The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Friday, September 28, 2012

Nebraska Zoo and The Trip Home

I want to thank my Edward and Julie AGAIN for our wonderful Zoo Membership - without it,this trip to the Nebraska Zoo would have not been possible. The Zoo's all across America work with each other and we get free or half admission in most Zoo's. We will probably be going to the zoo in New Orleans this year also - that will be a free one with our zoo membership!
Before our trip to the zoo, we went up the observation tower at the park - it was a bit chilly up there and very windy. The tower kept moving - right after this picture was snapped, everyone ran back down!

Daddy showing the kids the equator line at the zoo

the desert dome - this was a neat place where the animals were literally able to walk up to you.

Card thought this was a fake bird - until he walked up to it and it "puffed up". He saw why real quick - she had eggs under her! 

a beautiful bird in the desert dome

Thomas was pointing and saying "dat? dat?" the entire time - he was really engaged and loved every minute of the zoo!

a pretty owl

this was especially for my Grandpa King - who loves road runners so much, I just had to snap this for him.....strangely enough, there were no lizards in the desert dome...

I have just always wanted to have a picture of a bunny silhouette in a log

Thomas enjoying the aquarium


Thomas and Jay looking at the penguins

Katie and a penguin

Jay and a penguin bigger than he is!

The kids and the jellyfish

Katie and Thomas - I love the special bond between these two..

Bella takes good care of Thomas too

Card and Bella

Card and Jay

One of Katie's favorite- the fruit bat. She was pretty amazed that this guy could just fly around us if he wanted too.

The Shrew

Can you imagine having this fish on your line!? Oh, from some of the stories I have heard - some of you already have...

our little brood

The baby :)

this was the view of our front yard a lot of mornings

About half way there - one side of the van was always hot, hence the blankets

The baby again :)

Nebraska take 2

Our cabin was so sweet. We really enjoyed it and the view.
 Our dining room
Boys room (after they moved in - can you tell..?)

the view out our dining room windows

the boys having a pillow fight

Ms. Serious

The actors from the festival

the boys really liked this little parade model. You could sit in it and steer on the road.

Card and two of his buddies - Noah and Knox Gunn.
The pictures below are really just bookmarked for Katie - she loved the layout of the cabin and wanted us to document it for later use..