The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

At Uncle Bobby's house

they are waiting (so patiently) until they get all their gifts before they start unwrapping..

let the unwrapping commence!!

Jay bird

Bella and Keilee

Jay bird having gifts "thrown" at him...

Jack waiting patiently again..

Card poses in front of his gifts

why Bella is making that face I don't know, but I have 3 pictures with that same face..

Card is quite happy he got this tractor - Jack already has one just like it and they really enjoy them

Jack and "Minnie Pearl" Jay model their new crocs their Uncle Edward and Aunt Julie got them

The Boys

The Newest Boytim Addition

Our Newest little nephew - Baby Nate was born December 18th, 2010

with Mommy and Daddy
Julie, Edward, Baby Nate and big sister Sarah

Friday, November 19, 2010

Galveston Trip

We went with Will to Galveston a few days ago. He was finishing up a conference and we waited for him at the beach (he was done about 12:30). We had a good time - well, the kids had a blast all the while mama worried about waves carrying them off!

The boys first ocean experience. Right after this a huge wave came, knocked Jack over and started to drag him out to sea. Katie was holding Jay in one hand and grabbed Jack by his shirt in the other and drug him, spitting and coughing, to shore. Jack spent the rest of the time worrying that the ocean was going to "carry dem off!!" (Bella and Card..)

Jay was not too sure about this whole water thing

Katie and Card had the best time chasing each other and throwing and at one another

Bella just being Bella

They did this for hours

Jaybird playing with his first beach sand

We had to pose for pictures of course - and Katie complained of the sand in her hair... after playing sand fight for hours with Card...

Sorry - I just could not choose- they are all so cute
Jack really wanted me to take this picture of him on this rock

I dont know why Jay looks like he is holding on in a windstorm

So they would sit in the water until a big wave came and then they would all run like their lives depended on it - really worrying Jack that the ocean was going to "carry dem away!!"

Jaybird chased this pigeon for a LONG time - it would never leave, just lead him around in circles.
Daddy and the kids coming back from the point.

Gem and Mineral show

We went on our annual trip with dad to the Houston Gem and Mineral show - they really enjoy this show :)

Bella giving Jay a boost to see the display

Sweet Squirrel

Card talks the volunteers ears off every year - they love it!

Katie and the littles talking to the painting guy - his booth is my favorite

He paints things like this - this is my favorite - isn't it the cutest thing!

The kids enduring another picture

Jaybird and Daddy

Katie took this picture of this "animal"... it was in the ditch at the convention center.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Trip to 7 Acre

A recent trip to 7 Acre Wood. We have such fun together...

Giddy up...

Peeping Bird

Jack down the zip line

Katie down the zip line


and Card..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trip To San Antonio , New Braunfels , and Austin

So we went on a road trip this last weekend. Totally my doing :)

We went so I could go listen to Beverly Bradley and decided to make a few pit stops on the way.

First we got up early Friday, made breakfast and lunch to go and got on the road. First stop (besides tt breaks that is) was The Alamo in SA, we ate our lunch in a lovely pay to park lot :) and got right on over to visit Davy Crockett's last place of residence. They all had a great time and, while I did not get many pictures (I had a pounding headache from ingesting some form of gluten at some point) - I did get this one of Jack....

Then it was off to the seminar for me (in SA) and Will and the kids went to our good friends the Watje's in New Braunfels. I rode home from the seminar with Mrs. Watje and we spent the night with them. The next morning it was up, a quick breakfast at the Watje's house (they were already gone) and off to Austin to visit Will's parents for a bit. We had a wonderful lunch with them and took this adorable picture of the Lil Mom-Mom and the Great-Grand kids (and the one big grand kid too).

then off to SA again to drop me off at the seminar for that night. Back with Mrs. Watje to her house and spent another night. Up the next morning and they cooked us a wonderful breakfast and we were on our way..

We knew it was time to stop and have our lunch when we saw Jay trying to ingest his feet....

so we stopped at a roadside picnic place and had some leftover subs, kale chips, almond dip and apples. Back on the road and home to the animals!

Whew!!! I have needed a nap the last two days!!