The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The message

The kiddos- email me with any questions..........

Katie- 8 years
Card- 2 years
Bella- 10 months

Saturday, December 30, 2006

What exactly is this you are feeding me mom??

The Nanny....

Bella is "doing the Nanny"......

Sorry this is in no particular order....I wish I could figure out how to arrange my post the way I want them to show up..

The Lachney Family!!

Card is doing some serious golf playing!

We visited the Seven Acre Wood a few days ago. We played minature golf, saw the animals in the petting zoo, and had a generally great time!

She was so pround of herself!

Bella standing...

Bella standing by- self

Church family

Card's personal favorite- The Guthrie family....

Church family

The lovely Ramos family- they will be having their 6th baby in Jan......

Some Church Pictures

I have been taking some pictures for our church directory- I thought I would post some of our families here. We go to a wonderful church with great families.
This is the Welch family- I am missing their oldest son- he is in the Marines.....


I suppose she gets her seriousness from her Daddy......

Card 2006

Card in one of his favorite Christmas gifts (the hat, not the swing!) some of his other fav's included the trampoline (seen in the background), tractors, a play dough table, tractors, remote controled truck, tractors, lots of books and of course, tractors.

Very serious

My very serious husband!

Katie and Card

This was a really cute picture of Katie and Card. Their Great Uncle Jimmy got this really nice birthday card a few days ago and ---- well, you see the results. I believe the card said something like "It's your birthday- I'm so happy I could fart". What a clever family I have...

Then we had Christmas AGAIN at our house. Here is Card with two MORE tractors given to him by his Uncles Edward and Merritt and soon to be Aunt Julie! Talk about Santa's- those three went all out this Christmas! It was a great time (I think....) I missed most of it due to my untimely illness..... Sorry guys!

Christmas 2006

Then we had Christmas at Nanny's house. We opened lots of gifts and Will and the kids ate too much. I was sick though and did not eat much. I actually did not eat much for the 4 days after Christmas either- boy, a whole week sick. I cant remember when I was last sick! Boy, this one made up for lost time though!

Here are Nanny and Arabella

Christmas 2006

First we had Christmas at our house. This is Christmas morning. Card is getting two tractors at once! Katie got him a special wooden one (he has been instructed by her not to take it outside) and he got a red tractor and trailer from mommy and daddy. After opening gifts we read the Christmas story out of the Bible- one of our traditions!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Bella's Christmas 2006

Bella's first Christmas! She got lots of gifts and loved tasting all the different varieties of wrapping paper!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Garden pond

Cards absolute favorite thing was the fish pond at the Gardens! He loved this and would have stayed there all day! He was scared of the really big fish though. It was a black and white fish that was about a foot long. He said it would bite him and would not put his finger in the water.

Katie and Card played Indian the other day and painted theirselves up really nice! It was another rainy day on the farm- well actually a rainy week! Light rain though, so the house did not wash away!

Katie had Card in the Bjorn. He loves for her to carry him around. I love that she is learning how to be a mommy with her little brother and sister. Today when we got to CVS she got Bell out of the carseat and carried her around the store. Bell thought it was great to have her big sister carrying her!

Card by the waterfall- he loved the water falls.

Bell, Katie, and Card enjoying the day together. I am so glad I have all my little ones with me all the time. It is so great to see them discover new things and they love being together.


We visited Mercer Arboretum last Wednesday. We had a really good time looking at all the gardens. We had packed a lunch so we went to the playground there and had a nice lunch and played. I took lots of pictures. I will try to load some more tonight.