The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boytim Blessing #5 has Arrived!!!

Jay Collier Boytim was born at 10:45am Tuesday June 23rd, 2009.
Weighing 9 pounds 2.5 ounces and 22 inches long- he is our second biggest - being topped by his oldest brother Richard who weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces. What is it about the King names????
He was born at home - mama went into labor around 6am and baby Jay arrived approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes later. He scored a 10 on his first APGAR as he was so pink and vocal from the get go.
I will post a more thorough birth story later (for those that want to know), but for now, I am doing some serious baby bonding. Thank you for all the congratulations and prayers - we love you all!!

This was Jay's first picture - Daddy snapped this and rushed off to email it to everyone straight away!

This was yesterday
I took these today - Jay, Card and Katie
Bella and Jay

Baby Jack and Baby Jay
Jack absolutely LOVES Jay and runs yelling into the room anytime Jay makes a noise. He was SO proud to be holding his baby brother in this picture and made me take lots more - he kept saying "more, more, more".
How truly blessed we are by these little ones!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Grandpa King's Bag....

Katie was asked to make her great grandfather a cloth clothespin bag for his line. With the help of our good friend Mrs. Debbie, she finished it last night. I think it turned out great! Thanks so much Mrs. Debbie and good work Katie!

Katie putting the finishing touches on
The finished bag front
and back

The Time Is Nearing

The time is nearing - the next little Boytim will be joining the bunch soon.......(no, I am not in labor right now - just thinking of the upcoming work ahead of me!)
Thoughts right now - a mixture of longing to see my newest little one and of course some fear and anxiety. Please keep me and the baby in your prayers and thoughts - I really feel we both need them right now.

Thank You Lord for the blessings You have given us thus far

and for the blessing on the way

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Look what followed me home Ma.....

We also brought home this girl from field day - her name is Jumper and her daughter Daisy we brought a few days later. They are wonderful lawn mowers but have a taste for rose bushes and pear trees........hence, Jumper being tied up.

Field Day

We went to our first homeschool field day. The kids had a GREAT time. Here is Katie with her friend Rachel.

I originally put Card in with the 2,3,and 4 year olds. Poor guy was so bored doing things like this - the baby cars then stick horse riding. He came to ask me "when are we going to run mommy?" - he and Katie had been practicing for the 50 yard dash for a week! I was able to move him up to the 5 year olds and he was so much happier.

Here he is running that 50 yard dash - which he WON!!
Bella and Andi Davis
The kids and their ribbons -
Bella got her participation ribbons
Card got:
1 third place ribbon
2 second place ribbons
2 first place ribbons
and that was after missing a lot of the activities!!! AND he got best dressed!
Katie got 2 second place ribbons
They had a great time and we sure hope we are able to do it again next year!

Sheet Rocking

Jack getting in on the action

Jack and Mr. Bill take a break

Daddy giving some instruction

The boys are doing in on their own now!

Katie's B-Day

I forgot my camera when we took the kids to the lake to swim - but here are some of Katie opening her gifts when we got home.

Katie opening Little Mom-Mom's gift
Elise Dinsmore Audio Cd's! We have been wanting these for awhile! Thanks Little Mom-Mom!!

May Days....

This is Will spraying our foam insulation in. We have gotten much farther now - two rooms are sheet rocked and taped and floated!

Card and his daddy finished the boat Uncle Edward and Aunt Julie got him for Christmas. It has been named "SSS Mama" and has voyaged in the bathtub so far, but has rumors of going out to sea in the pool.......

We are reading through "Mystery of History" and here the babies are making Adam and Eve clay figures after hearing about how God made them. They later made up a play starring Card as Adam, Bella as Eve, Katie as The Serpent and God. They laid a brown blanket out so Adam could rise out if the "dust" and Eve was so cute telling Adam to "eat this fruit!".

Jack's preferred way of eating avocados. Messy, but he gets the job done!