The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Trip Back in History

We recently took a little field trip to a historic community put together by the Montgomery County Library system. A very sweet lady in our homeschooling group got this set up and we were able to have a guided tour of these houses (that we previously had only gotten to peek in the windows at!).
This was a neat replica of the city of Montgomery from long ago.
inside the first house - they had set these places up really nice.
Bella sitting on the bed in one of the houses
they are putting up a church bell here
inside a "large" cabin. I found it interesting that this cabin was built just a couple of years before the pier and beam house we had just been in!
this man did something "odd" with the household chamber pot - he built a seat for it.. this was unheard of back in his day
wooden hinges!
He also built a very fancy cradle
and see the "bathtub" here - most folks just washed in a large steel tub but this man had built a "bathtub" that was easy to dump out.
neat chimney that Mr Jack (our tour guide) redid himself

Mr. Jack showing the kids the little hole in the wall where the master of the house shot indians from.

Jaybird in the "kids' part of the house - the upstairs loft area

 all the boys at the well


another handy pour spout on a dish pan

our two beautiful daughters

Mrs. Jordan playing ball with Thomas


Just a few

Quick pictures of late...
Thomas shopping with the girls

This is what I find on my ipod after it has been missing for a couple of days

notice the common denominator? yep - Jack was in about 100 of the pictures on my ipod.. I only posted two of those here but believe me, he was in MANY more!

I thought this was a cute sign - I did not take this picture though. It was attached to an email I got recently - just thought I would pass it along!

Friday, November 02, 2012

King's Blooming Rose Give Thanks Challenge

We really enjoy the King's Blooming Rose magazine for girls. Here is their latest "challenge" for young and old. I will post the link to their website at the bottom - go check them out!
Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments."Psalm 119:164
KBR Ministries' 2012
GIVE THANKS! x7 Challenge
With the Thanksgiving season approaching, let us challenge one another in giving thanks to the Father of all gifts every day this month. You are invited to join us for the next 30 days as we praise Him for His daily benefits!
You are welcome to ask a sibling or accountability partner to take this challenge with you.
 Begins: November 1, 2012
Ends: November 30, 2012
Rules: Record at least 7 things each day that you are grateful for either in your personal journal, or on our private group where we can keep one another accountable throughout the month. [If you miss a day, please make it up the next day.]
Reward: Send us a letter by December 5, 2012, letting us know that you completed the GiveThanks! challenge (address HERE). Include your name, age, parent's signature, and mailing address. We will send you a set of handmade notecards!