The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Long time, no post

So things have been a bit busy around here lately :)
We have been getting ready for the National Bible Bee, and that takes lots of time! Time well spent in God's word however - and while we are a bit overwhelmed, we are also learning a LOT. Thought I would just post a few pictures for the family, since it has been over a month - and I also have some recipes and such written down for that side of it too - just have to wait until after the 28th for those :)

Jay is ready to help with chores
Sometimes you just have to play with the kids

Note to self - don't let the vacuum run quite so long while vacuuming the kids hair.....

Card's first canoe trip - he had to share it with the girls, but I think he still had a good time.

Every girl has to have at least one dress they can spin in :)

anyone who knows Bella, knows about Blocks Blankie - well, Blocks Blankie has started to come apart, so a while back mama and Katie did a little photoshoot of Belle and her beloved blankie. Her she is finding that "special" corner.

yes, your eyes do not deceive you - Jay Bird is in flight :) and getting quite fast....


Room for More said...

oh, it was so great to catch up seeing pics of the kiddos! I have missed you!

Amy said...

wow, i can NOT believe that jay is already that big!!!! he's as cute a boytim as the rest of your cute bunch. so good to see some of the kiddos in pics...sure do miss y'all.