The Boytim Bunch

The Boytim Bunch

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bella's 5th Birthday - LOTS of pictures!

Well Bella's birthday was a success! Katie, Hannah and Haley did a great job with everything.

Bella was very surprised and so sweet about it. When I got home from "errands" that day I ran in, got her shoes on and made sure her hair was nice. I stopped to talk to Will for a few minutes then started looking for Bella - she was in the car already :)
She had no idea about the party and thought we were going to pick up Katie for some "girl" time - she was sad that I had not baked her Almond Butter bars yet (that was forgotten after she saw the cake...)

Lots of pictures below with some stories attached ....

Haley decorated the white board for us.

The girls taking a look at their tea party set up

Bella's castle cake - she is still talking about this 2 days later

Bella and her friend Lydia

Hannah, Bella and Lydia

Hannah and Bella

Abby and Bella

Jubilee and Bella

Eva and Bella - when did Eva shoot up like that??

The Harris girls with Bella

Bella conversing with Jubilee

Abby in sandwich motion..

Bella and Jubilee enjoy sandwiches, tea, and polite conversation

Some of the dolls the girls got as party favors

The "prize" table - except the baby book - that is Bella's baby book we were looking at throughout the day

What a smile

After tea and sandwiches, the little girls got their hair done

Bella's gift table

Lydia is not sure about this - she has seen what Johanna does with the boys at her house...

Hannah and Lydia after their hair appointments

The Squirrel

Eva after her hair curling

and some of the bigger girls got their hair done too :)

Bella and her cake - she is very glad I took this picture

Cookie decorating

We spent some of the day looking at baby pictures of Bella

And then she opened her gifts - this one is from Card.
Card got her this cross and a purple Beta fish - she loves both
The Harris girls got her some little dollhouse things - she, Card and Jack have been playing for the last two days with garden tools, tea sets and a pencil set of all things!
The Schnakenberg girls colored her some sweet pictures, made her a moving parts lion and a crown for her dolly
We got her a doll set - she has this little collection of miniature porcelain dolls that she takes to church with her and she and another little girl play with them for hours - we also got her her favorite color (purple) Kleen Kanteen
Hannah Barrett gave her a pretty framed horse picture
and her Austin grandparents sent her the all purpose present, with which she danced into her room with singing about it and putting it in a "special" place..

Monday, February 07, 2011

Family Pictures..

Some family pictures (down towards the bottom I actually got Will to stand in).
Yes I know I am huge, no I am not days away from delivery, no I am not retaining water, no my dates are not off and yes, this will be my 5th baby in 6 years...
now that we have that covered :)

I noticed Card had his hat on!

See - and he is SMILING!! It is like he LIKES us or something...

Jack can do "cheese" all day long..

The things she puts up with..

Crayons in her favorite chair! Jeez!!

Sheetrocking as a family

Bella learns how to tape and float..

and she wants to make sure daddy does not have to do more sanding than necessary..

Katie perfecting her skills

and loves doing it too!

Snow in Texas

Well, for some of us anyway!
Below is the amount we got... obviously nothing compared to my little cousin....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The boys in the office

Jack helps Daddy hang sheetrock

"no dad, right here.."